Robert Jon Pensack M.D.

Raising Lazarus, A Memoir

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Interessante esse espaço para deixar comentário sobre Raising.
Gostei muito e recomendo.


Very well written book. Hard to put down. The authors were able to capture the human feelings and thoughts in great detail. I don't know if I could have hung in there like these people did. I wonder what happened to the sons of these two men.

I read this book before my heart transplant . I was diagnosed in August 2003 and looking for first hand accounts of the experience. I suggest this book to all of my transplant friends. It is an excellent read.

"The book is absolutely magnificent!!"

"Beautiful haunting book. I hope Dr. Pensack continues to do well. Best wishes."

"Being an HCM victim myself, I found this book highly informative, educational, moving, emotional, and inspiring. I could relate to his suffering, his motivation, and his tenacity. It's a miracle that he survived to share his experiences. This book gave me the determination to educate myself, and motivate myself to live with and survive this condition, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. A great read for everyone; highly recommend!"

"Having a 8 year old son with IHSS/HCM I found this book the most informative of the hundreds of articles I have read. This book gives the details patients,(or in this case parents of the patient) want to know. I have read it three times and will read it again. I like the in depth discussions about being a heart patient, both the physical and emotional affects."

"Extraordinary... A doctor's memoir of his struggle against his own illness... An intimate account of the remarkable medical advances of the last few decades from [a] unique point of view." -NY Times Book Review