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Book Reviews

"A haunting story of a man’s struggle to survive... Powerful"
--Kirkus Reviews

"Raising Lazarus is an extraordinary coming of age story... a humbling lesson in a species of courage rarely dramatized in movies, television or books: the courage to simply go on."
--New York Times Book Review

"Raising Lazarus is the rarest kind of book--a candid memoir of desperate illness and uncertain healing that manages, without a trace of self-pity or the common swagger of the battelfield veteran, to be both riveting as a story and profoundly encouraging to other threatened human beings: which is to say, almost everyone alive. I don't know of a man or woman who couldn't learn from it."
--Reynolds Price

"...Robert Pensack, MD has opened the lid to his soul and let us all have a good, long look inside. And when we look away, we find that we cannot look at anything else in quite the same way anymore. The sheer, incredible depth of his honesty gives the reader the closest thing to actually understanding what it feels like to battle against an inexorable disease for thirty years and come out on top."
--Colorado Medicine

"This moving story of a physician's personal experience with illness is written with a rare combination of honesty and empathy for patients and their doctors. The authors have captured the loneliness and fear of bearing a hereditary illness, as well as the remarkable courage of one patient's struggle to survive."
--The Lancet

"In his immensley moving account, [Pensack] combines inspiration with cutting-edge science to produce a work that ranks with the very best of medical memoirs."
--Library Journal

"Able to heal others but not himself, physician Robert Pensack published a moving account of his lifelong struggle with congenital heart disease in Raising Lazarus."